"Fitner" Sports App

HKU students do not have the habit to exercise regularly. The reasons behind are difficult to organize team sports, afraid of being judged, and lack of motivation. To tackle these reasons and motivate students to exercise more, we introduce an exercise app, call Fitner. In the app, there is a platform for users to find companions, as well as finding someone who has similar levels to play with. ‘Gamifying’ experience is also provided to motivate users to exercise more.


  1. Abel Lau (TA)
  2. Aahlund Olivia Matilda Ophelia (Human Resources, Admin group)
  3. Chau Cheuk Him (Spokesperson, Admin group)
  4. Ho Ting Him (Treasurer, Admin group)
  5. Mi Hongyu (Coding team)
  6. Lee Sze Choi (Coding team)
  7. Lou Huajie (Coding team)
  8. Lam Yiu Pong (Coding team, Admin group)
  9. Chan Hung Tai (Coding team)
  10. Kwan Rafael Matthew Susanto (Design team)
  11. Pang Bo Wen (Design team, Admin group)
  12. Tai Ho Chiu Hero (Design team, Admin group)
  13. CHAU Gabriella (Promotion Team)
  14. DAVIS, Julia (Promotion Team)
  15. Hung Wai Kwan, Jim (Promotion Team)
  16. Chan Chun Lam (R&D team)