"iToolbox" Accessibility App

Our group wants to improve disability inclusion on campus by creating a toolbox app that aims at helping people with disabilities in HKU. From community building features to actual personalized tools based on their specific difficulties that can help make their lives easier, we hope that our app can allow them to feel more included on campus and have their opinions be heard.


  1. Yuen Wing Hin, Leo (Spokesperson, Designer)
  2. Siu Man Yan, Sabrina (Spokesperson, Designer)
  3. Chung Sze Ki, Kay (Human Resource)
  4. Yeung Ching, Erica (Designer)
  5. Chen Huiwen, Dorothy (Designer)
  6. Yu Yun, Alex (App developer, Designer)
  7. Li Wang Hei, Adrian (Anthropology, Treasurer(Leader))
  8. Li Cheuk Hin, Andy (App developer(Leader), Legal )
  9. Shen Zhuhan, Zora (Anthropology, Editor, Legal)
  10. Chen Huilin, Alyssa (Designer(Leader))
  11. Tang Sin Ying, Eden (Anthropology, Editor)
  12. Fung Ho Kit, Justin (App developer, Designer)
  13. Lau Yue Ka, Karen (Marketing, Anthropology, Editor)
  14. Sin Hoi Yan, Melanie (Anthropology, Marketing(Leader))
  15. Tingxuan Gong, Stella (Marketing, Anthropology, Editor)
  16. Cheang King Hang, Jeremy (App Developer, Anthropology)
  17. Thong Pei Cheng, Ocean (Anthropology)
  18. Wan Tze Yeung, Jamie (Photographer, Marketing, Legal) 19. Ye Zhi Mian, Mina (Legal, Anthropology, Editor)
  19. Yan Xiao Han, Shirley (Anthropology, Marketing)
  20. Chiang Yin Ping, Stephanie (Marketing, Photographer)
  21. Ho Yiu Chun, Brian (Designer, Photographer, Marketing) 23. Ho Zinei Sin Ni (Marketing, Anthropology (Leader), Editor) 24. Casupanan Yasmine Colette (Marketing, Editor)
  22. MOCK Hussain Ho Yin (Marketing, Editor (Leader), Anthropology)
  23. Ho Chi Fung, Anthony (Designer, Marketing) 27. Ngan Yun Ki (Marketing, Photographer)
  24. Jing Jingderong, Crystal (Anthropology)
  25. Hung Wai Shing (Designer)
  26. Huang Junxiang (App Developer, Anthropology)