"Mental Nutshell" Mental Health Course

The Mental Nutshell program will be available for all students online for the reason being that many people are not aware of how common mental health problems are leading them to neglect their mental health conditions. The course will teach students about mental health in detail with short quizzes about the lecture to make sure that there are no misunderstandings or misinterpretations. In the end, students will be asked to take a test to earn credits for this course. Students are allowed to complete this course at any time.


  1. Julie (DaEun) Lee (Spokesperson, video, human resources)
  2. Zulfqar Lareb Bibi (Spokesperson, video, human resources)
  3. Martin Forth (Teaching Assistance)
  4. Wong Hang Nam Nicole (R&D team)
  5. Lee Man Kit (R&D team)
  6. Tsang Hoi Wei (R&D team)
  7. Cheung Chit (R&D team)
  8. Poon Kwok Hang (R&D team)
  9. But Cheung Lam Cherry (R&D team)
  10. Tsui Tsz Ching (R&D team)
  11. Li Wo Him (R&D team)
  12. Wong Nicole (Design Team)
  13. Chang Hsi-yun (Design Team)
  14. Li Hiu Ying (Design Team)
  15. Kim Hyunjoo (Design Team)
  16. Kim Gayoung (Design Team)
  17. Chung Shing Hin (Treasurer)
  18. Cheung Yau Shing Jonathan (Treasurer)
  19. Shi JiaHui (Jazmyn) (Marketing team)
  20. Su Meiwen (Marketing team)
  21. Fong Sam Ching Janice (Legal team)
  22. Chung Yiu Yeung (Legal team)
  23. Cheung Tsz Chun (Anthropology team)
  24. Choi Yeonseo (Anthropology team)
  25. Hoi Chun Fai (Video / photographers)
  26. Kim Yearim (Editors)
  27. Kang Junwoo (Editors)