Talk: "Floating-Futures" workshop and conference tomorrow

"The demand for floating islands rises in line with the sea-levels." Let´s collect, envision, cocreate and share open solutions for productive floating islands world-wide. Together as an interdisciplinary crowd of makers, we can unleash the potentials of the waters through cocreative protoypes and open-source manuals of floating islands for many fields of application.

Meet these keynote speakers at the floating-futures conference:

  • Richart Sowa (Brazil)
  • Cesar Jung-Harada (Singapore)
  • Joy Lohmann
  • Moderation: Nicole Loeser

"Floating-Futures" workshop and conference tomorrow, Saturday, 25.11. from 1-3 PM GMT-zone (workshop) and/or 3-5 PM GMT (conference).

Please see the time-overview attached for your timezone.

To join, just enter into our

(Meeting-ID: 881 9121 0549 )

The conference will be recorded and streamed

, in case you want to invite someone to watch or share the event on your channels.

You´ll find more infos on the event on the website

or the


We are looking forward to meet up for an inspiring discussion on the topic of floating islands and the multiple benefits, we can achieve with them! Our organisation Makers For Humanity works on the modular float system "Open-Island" and wants to reach out to likeminded makers and groups to share ideas and knowledge, concepts and manuals.

We believe, that a global open "float-lab" can help all participants to speed up the development, the outreach and dissemination of float projects and innovations - bottom-up, low-tech, open-source, world-wide. This is what we´ld love to see.

See you tomorrow :-)

Best regards,

Joy Lohmann

for Makers For Humanity e.V.

Limmerstr. 57 | 30451 Hannover |



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