“Talking to ChatGPT 4.0 is boring AF”


Talking to Chat GPT is boring AF


Sam Altman said the new model was ‘magic’

Then his co-founder quit the day after

I think I know why

He realized what they built is boring

It’s too polite to be interesting

It’s too keen to be cool

It’s too unreliable to be useful

It’s a boring version of all the good stuff

It took me 10 mins to think of something to ask it then 30mins fact checking what it said

And even then I didn’t care

Yes, it can speak Chinese and write a rap

Turns out I don’t care

People send me perfectly good and totally soulless work using it and I don’t care

I write things with it and don’t care

I read journalist articles that feel AI written and immediately don’t care

I’m waiting to not care about books or films because they lack the human bit

What does it tell me?

Were self centered selfish animals

Were only really interested in our selves

Our culture, imagination, stories

Ai isn’t human, so I don’t think we’ll care