Group meetings: Teaching and Learning the SDGs SDGs and Institutional Partnerships: Universities, Schools, Libraries, Development Solutions Network, United Nations, NGOsStrategies for Teaching: Design for SDGs Across the CurriculumSDG Interfaces: Creating Community Engagement Projects



Lawal Marafa (CUHK)

2000 Sustainable Development

? Why did you come to teach sustainable Development in 2000?

Master in Soil Science,

PhD in Geography

Coming from government / policy

1992 Rio, Climate

It's got to be practical

MDGs, 8 narrow goals, 2015 17 SGDs Goals

2030 end, 10 years to achieve

Eco-tourism, talking about smart cities

People innovation

Guest supervise architecture

Reflecting use of land

MSc (Moscow) PgD (U.K.) PhD (CUHK) (852) 3943-6471

Leon Lei

NKJ Wong

Nicol Pan

Joseph Chan, Design Entrepreneurship



Technology-focused, people are intimidated by Technology

SDGs since 2015, but before there were MDGs

Collaborate - how?

Yuki: Collaborate - to maximise impact Promote to others

New normal is creating new non-infrastructure innovation

Archeology: looking into the past → Creativity

Margaret: want to employ design to look forward


very international

Indonesia: US Embassy, , design the building green


SDG - but teach empathy first

After awareness - action

How do you measure yoi

Partnership: hard to alin

Question by King Chow

  1. Define problem, with empathy, sort of unstructured
  2. Support. Money and the heart of the people
  3. How can we support that - do we need to have library, department
  4. Measurement: how do we know we're making an impact
    1. I'm interested to replace grades by impact measurement
    2. What people do + say + See + think
    3. Impact measure in history