TEDxSanDiego "Protei"

Cesar Harada graduated from the Ecole Boulle in 2001 with historical results, entered the ENSAD where he studied Animation film. He studied Product design at the ENSCI Ateliers Saint-Sabin Paris, and graphic design in Central Saint Martins London. He worked as computer graphics teacher in the Architecture school of Versailles, as stage designer, had his films, art and performances in major international Museums and venues. In 2009 he graduated from the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions, and won [THE NEXT IDEA] Ars Electronica, the "Sustainable art award", a Helen Hamlyn and Adobe Award and he's a TED fellow 2010. Now coordinating the Open_Sailing team (about 40 people), a group developing software and hardware technologies towards the fabrication of the first International Ocean Station.