The ACTUAL carbon emissions per country per capita


Stop blaming China and India for carbon emissions.

It's very easy to point fingers at others.

We need to look at the issue more holistically.

China and India emit a lot of emissions as countries, yes.

China and India also have the largest populations in the world.

China and India also export a lot of goods and services to the West.

When we look at their emissions per capita, the picture changes a lot.

And when we adjust per capita emissions to include consumption (exports and imports), the picture changes even more.

These are per capita consumption-based CO2 emissions in 2021, according to Our World in Data:

β†’ Belgium: 17.2 tons

β†’ United States: 16.5 tons

β†’ Canada: 13.2 tons

β†’ Australia: 13.1 tons

β†’ Germany: 10.0 tons

β†’ Japan: 9.8 tons

β†’ Netherlands: 9.4 tons

β†’ Finland: 9.3 tons

β†’ Ireland: 9.3 tons

β†’ Norway: 8.3 tons

β†’ Denmark: 8.0 tons

β†’ New Zealand: 8.0 tons

β†’ United Kingdom: 7.6 tons

β†’ Italy: 7.3 tons

β†’ China: 7.2 tons

β†’ India: 1.7 tons


A lot of the CO2 emissions created in China and India are 'exported' to Global North countries.

When we take into account our consumption, we generate more emissions per capita than China and India.

We can't outsource the emissions of our unsustainable consumption and pretend it's all just fine and blame others.

We need to take responsibility for what we consume.

Whether it's created in our countries or other countries.

We all have a role to play in bringing down emissions globally.

❌ Let's stop the blame and shame

βœ… Let's take responsibility and do more

❌ Blaming others won't get us out of this mess

βœ… Collaborating more and taking responsibility will

All countries need to cut emissions.

Let's do it together.

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