The definition of speaking truth to power: Lauren McDonald about #RoseBank #Equinor


I went to


’s AGM to confront their CEO

Anders Opedal

and its majority shareholder, the Norwegian government.


The people in this room are responsible for the UK’s biggest undeveloped oil field - Rosebank.

This one oil field would produce more CO2 than 700 million people in the Global South do in a year.

They read the same headlines we do. They know that the root cause of climate breakdown is the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. And yet they won’t stop.

Despite knowing the devastating impacts of new fields like Rosebank, Equinor wants to squeeze as much profit out of oil and gas as they can.

For me it’s clear to see that they can’t see past their greed.

So we are no longer pleading for them to stop Rosebank.

We’re letting them know that we will stand in their way.