The Future of Building Startups


As Morpheus said in The Matrix: "What if I told you....." that the future of building startups is totally different, almost in reverse, of how we have been doing them.

Thank the pandemic, thank Silicon Valley,thank AI,

maybe even thank The Wachowski's - here are 10 things that will form the future of building a startup:

  1. Startups will be AI-accelerated - think MVPs prompted into existence.
  2. Superniche is the new niche
  3. Community 1st, software 2nd
  4. Global teams, localized products
  5. 95% dominated by solopreneurs and microentrepreneurs (teams less than 12)
  6. Needs the marketing holy-trinity ABC's to hit escape velocity: A. product/market fit, B. content/market fit and C. community/market fit
  7. Design matters. The bar is high.
  8. Partnered w/ creators (creators are the distribution)
  9. Product studios become the norm
  10. 99% of MVPs won't need VC

(I picked my Top 10 list I vibed with from Greg Isenberg's original list here: - highly recommended follow.)

The future is changing, at Web Summit

I learned of AI companies that are building an entire startup for you, digging deeper with

Gene Soo we can now build a database with AI, turn whiteboard diagrams into editable graphics in 5 seconds. I also met founders in Hong Kong that are already following half of this list.

Exciting times: "There is no spoon."

(PS: The Matrix just celebrated 25 years since its 1999 debut!)