Top 10 most innovative company in China, 2015


Sometimes you get a surprise and find your company as “10 most Innovative company in China” - that was quite a happy surprise!

  1. Alibaba
  2. Apricot Forest
  3. Wandolujia
  4. Baidu
  5. Wanda
  6. Tencent
  7. Xiami
  8. SF Express
  9. Microsoft


For building a boat for all occasions. This Hong Kong-based startup makes autonomous sailing robots. And because the ocean can be an unpredictable place, the Scoutbots boats shape-shift: Their hulls are made in bendable segments, which can adjust to better catch the wind. So, what are self-sailing robots good for? That’s why Scoutbots is also open-source: Creator Cesar Harada, formerly of MIT’s Senseable City Lab, wants the technology to be accessible to all, and fit unexpected ocean needs. The boats, for example, could be deployed to clean up oil spills, to collect data for scientists, or even transport items from shore to larger boats. Its small boats already exist and cost only a few hundred dollars, and Scoutbots’ larger boats are on the way soon.


Fast Company had already featured us in the past…

That was in 2011, April 08.