UDE1001 Associate Faculty huddle session

2023/01/26 Feedback and discussion Instructors

The teacher’s guide was most useful. I have a sense of information overload. Too many messages to catch up. Sometimes 50 messages to catch up. The teacher’s guide is really what I fall back on. The details about admin stuff.
What stresses me the most is to make sure I don't miss the submissions. The curriculum is OK. Critical Thinking is the most tricky part - as a design practitioner, we don’t really formulate the critical thinking process, little bit lost in that part of the process. In my work environment, it’s a bit more lively. When I say “Critical thinking” students are not as animated as when we’re focusing
Accountancy students are quite challenging. They are not very energetic and don’t show many reactions. Each speciality's students are very different. They are interested in business-related. Income inequality, policy are things that might interest them, using Design Thinking. Compared to engineering or nurse, they are much more macro-view. I try to build out some rapport.
I second the point of relevance/resonating with them. Told the Radiography students I’ve nv seen a healthcare practitioner who move up their career ladder without involving in innovation/improvement work. This DI modules gives them the head start. Next session, everyone got so engaged. Lol.
We need to streamline the submissions. Having to reply to students. Emails, wow. 3 hours is tight. I have 17 groups, I need a system to organise all the conversations I have with them. My students don’t all do their homework - it slows down the class. When student miss class - big issue, they cannot catch up. I have a group of 4 guys stuck in Malaysia. Lack of visual reminder of the work they need to submit.
I teach accountancy - they don’t know their homework. I take it as a given, start with a quizz to see if they understand the concepts. That helps. I give them 10 minutes break, every 45 minutes. I have to re-work some on the slides - too wordy. Less content - more focus. They like to ask questions by email. Reflective questions -KWL-IQ- is very tiring for them - they are not putting the effort. They need immediate relevance - responses.
Questions: put them as red post-it notes on miro. Visual overview
Advice example: Teacher runs it in a specific way: - Boundary setting - Email: be specific. General questions would not be answered - No telegram
We need the content to be on ONE platform. The LMS is not very easy to use, so many sub-menus, I will definitely miss. So LMS is ok, but we need to have a clear way to look at the the status. I think it’s too much content to go through. We communicate too much content and they don’t have the time to go through ALL the content. Group work allows me to roam around and help the students group. It’s UDE1001 - introduction, should be simple.
Lack of clarity, especially about the schedule, when to submit A1… Clearing dates would go a long way. Our deadline on the LMS was incorrect. Deadline change. Students are not able to change their response. I spend a lot of my seminar answering the student’s admin questions - and some of the student content. I feel bad replying the students “I’m not sure, I’m new”. I am very different, I gave them my whatsapp. I got the class rep’s phone. A lot don't do homework.

What are the issues you’re running into? Let’s solve these?

  1. Information overload →
    1. Checklist
    2. Content grouping. Condense key ideas of structures
    3. Class Cheatsheet / check list / action plan, with durations. With the key ideas, I need them to takeaway.
  2. Lack of clarity for submissions, too many platforms →
    1. One source of truth. We have the minimum, AND, each of us can dd their own flavour. Too many assignment sheets. I need ONE AREA
    2. Clarity on the final presentation format
  3. Material needs to be condensed →
    1. The key things you must deliver - rest
  4. Preference to have direct channel of communication with students →
    1. Kenneth: Can consider a separate platform like slack for communications?
    2. Mark: Email
    3. Cesar: Whatsapp me - but not at night or over the weekend.
  5. Onboarding the AFs
    1. Training on LMS
    2. Communication channels
    3. Grades
  6. Grading
    1. Need to grade A1, within 2 weeks of submission
    2. Bell curve: A: max 30%, B: 30%, C: 30%

How could we make the life of AFs easier?

Use LMS - we already have it

Put the key information there for the AFs as well

A way for LMS to visualise students’ progress.

Start a checklist for the AFs to go through themselves.

LMS UI to help see group progress as well as individual