Maggie Textile #02-1076/78 & #02-1124

Family-owned and managed, Maggie & Malin Textiles have a few stalls spread out over this floor as this whole family is in the fabric business! They each carry different types of fabric: head to #02-1076/78 to be spoiled for choice with fabrics for dresses and garments. #02-1124 is a haven for men’s shirting and suiting.

32 New Market Road

#02-1078 Peoples Park Food Centre S050032

Tel: 65353682

Opening Hours: 12pm?-6pm


This shop is recommended to me/us when I first started dressmaking. Everyone from Kadomay goes to Maggie. It is where we purchase our first piece of fabric, for most of us, or myself at least. The owner is the very friendly Maggie, who is not pushy. She recommends the best which her shop offers. However if there is nothing suitable, she will not push for the sale to close and might even recommend over shops if she knows of any. Maggie is well stocked with a WIDE variety of fabric, from plain solids to gorgeous prints. Many of which are imported from Japan. When I first visited Maggie, she only owns one shop front. Now she has expanded to 2 adjacent shop fronts. Prices start from $8/m on the average. If you are lucky, you might even find some on sale at a lower price