Lye Nai Shiong #02-1018A/B


A good offering of trims, like elastic, bias tape, cording tape, zippers, and anything you may need to help you sew, including the cheapest price for calico in this building. You will definitely find something you need, however sometimes you may need to increase your patience level as this shop does get pretty busy.

(Opposite Maggie Textile)

32 New Market Road

#02-1106 Peoples Park Food Centre S050032

Tel: 6532 6013

Opening Hours: 12pm?-6pm


If you prefer to purchase your notions and haberdasheries all in the same building, Lye Nai Shiong is your one stop store. They are well stocked with your basics, such as zips, threads, ribbons, carbon paper, ruler scissors, pins, roller, laces, elastic bands etc. When the old Mr Lye used to mend the store, I don’t really fancy buying from him because he tends to be a little rude. You know, the kind of ‘if you want you take it, if not it’s okay’ kind of attitude. However since his son (I think. There is a younger chap working there now) took over, transactions have been smoother, and help is rendered rather amiably.