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Feedback - Q&A

[Jinger] I have many different interests, cultures, ways of thinking, lots of travels, projects, I find myself not able to reconcile, or create a model that guides me in a specific model, or direction. I have problems writing down my legacy. As time goes on, do it a few times, things get more clear
[Saad] Thanks, helpful. Broad interests. End Reflection “what was your year like”, do this with your close friends. It was transformative. COVID time was distorted, in survival mode, time has passed, you feel 10 years older. Therapeutic, cathartic. I’m really messy, I wish I could do that. I take a lot of photos. Pinboard of photos. You can maker a picture,
[Jorge] Struggle, enjoy. Interesting all this time. All the people you know these years, start to do important things. Order my messy life. Put things in order, re-collect.

[ Olivia ] What part of my past have influenced my decision, and what I want to do in the future. I’m passionate about place-making. I used to do furniture making - my father is a carpenter, influenced me. Grand mothers are really important. My heritage, I turn into an evolution.

[Mohammed] I used Business model U. it’s loosy in export. This “life on one page”. It’s difficult to revisit the circle around you. Especially if you are responsible for a team