Mintable is also an emerging giant NFT marketplace (I would call Opensea, Rarible and Mintable as the Big 3) and it would be the best option for you if you especially have a concern on gas fee payment. Unlike the other platforms, Mintable is the marketplace where you can mint and list your items completely with no gas payment!

When you sign up an account and jump to minting page of the platform, you can choose either “Traditional” or “Gasless” method. While the Traditional method offers you a full feature for minting with some gas fee required, the Gasless option lets you mint your works without any network fee (by this option, your NFT will not appear in your wallet until someone buys it). Although 5% service fee will be charged by Mintable after the sale, you are free from any gas fee and you don’t need to pay at all throughout the process unless your work is sold out!

They support only image, video and 3D files so it might not be the best platform for musicians and Audio NFT creators, but attaching an image or a video along with the audio to get formatted in MP4 will completely solve this.

Pros: Gasless option

Cons: Audio file is not supported

Visit Mintable:

From chatting in the Telegram :

Oh dear… my artworks are pretty heavy… like 30mb / artwork. 40,000 * 30mb = 1.2 GB

So what you are saying is

For Near

40,000 artworks/tokens would be 40,000/400=100 (1’545USD)

But i don’t need to pay Arweave (that’s included in the token)

If it was just Arweave alone, it would be about 10USD

Is my calculation correct?