The oldest and largest marketplace is OpenSea A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs and digital collectibles, ranging from digital art to card games and event tickets. It has the widest audience and highest traffic, and it can be used to create custom contracts or simply mint through its native contract and get directly listed on OpenSea’s marketplace.

Out of the many monster NFT marketplaces, Opensea is definitely the most giant with the long history since 2017. The platform has been boasting the largest number of registered creators and considered to be the first choice for NFT starters as well. Opensea supports a variety of file formats, including image, video, 3D as well as other type of physical or non-physical assets.

Although quite a lot of gas fee will be charged at the first contract, from your 2nd NFT minting, you will not be asked to pay any more gas fees every time when you mint. So, compared to the other pricing systems, Opeansea is relatively friendly to independent artists’ wallets. The commission fee taken by Opensea is 2.5% of sales.

Only a negative side is due to too many registered creators your NFT listings will get less engagement compared to other closed communities. The platform allows collectors to search NFTs by keywords, however, it would not be easy to happen, they will discover your work out of millions of listings. Overall, Opensea will be one of the best choices for you if you can promote your works by yourself on social media.

These days, by using Polygon network, creators can mint NFTs for $0 although there are comparably less collectors. This is probably a new gateway of budget NFT minting for those who do not afford the normal Ethereum based NFT services.

Pros: Largest market & longest history, Large choices of supported format, No gas fee charge from the 2nd listing

Cons: Too many creators and hard to get discovered

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