Scoutbot Kuching


"Scoutbot Kuching" is a semi-autonomous boat that is targeted to monitor marine protected areas, or map shallow coral reefs. It has both remote control (RC) capacity as well as route planning using the Pixhawk microcontroller.

  • Footprint: 1.2m x 1.0m x 0.4m
  • Weight: <10kg
  • Speed: 0.5m/s for Auto mission (2.0m/s max)
  • Runtime: 4S (14.8V) 10000mAH
  • 1 hour Coverage = 7000m2/hour; ~340 pictures (assuming 5m depth water)
  • Image Resolution: 0.3 - 2cm/pixel (GoPro). Can upgrade better camera or multi-spectral
  • Depth of observation: Observe from 0.5m to 10m depending on visibility
  • Control/Telemetry Range: 2km (Recommend to add a front facing real time image transmission system if moving beyond line of sight), Manual Override, Auto Return Home
  • Optional Features: Obstacle Avoidance, Environmental Sensors, Real time telemetry sync to cloud
  • Servicing: Ship back defective module to be replaced
  • Hardware Cost: <1000 USD
  • Time to build: 4 days with 3 experienced fabricators + 1 young assistant

This project was built by the Scoutbots team ( Cesar Jung-Harada , Ken & Joe Chew, Eddie Yung) for the Make4ThePlanet Hackathon by Conservation X Lab , during the IMCC5 (5th International Marine Conservation Congress) in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia between June 24-28 2018. More prototypes by the Scoutbots team here .