“Creativity is” Documentary


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I was very lucky to be cast in the documentary Creativity is. I was the only foreign interviewee.

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In the race of life, we work hard in achieving a lot of things.

“Achieving” becomes what matters most in life. But as it turns out, it is not always a comfortable ride. When we face failure after failure, our “belief” on oneself withers.

“Creativity is” wants to bring back this “belief” by starting a city-wide conversation about creativity. Participants will challenge their boundaries, try out-of-the-box practices that might seem odd – all in the attempt to rediscover traces of curiosity, courage and meaning that may in turn become a renewed source of motivation. One day when all of us are able to tap into our inborn creativity, we can change and empower this city with bursting energy.

Know yourself. Believe in yourself. Do not buckle under pressure. Stand firm for what you believe in and what you do. Pave your own way. Who you are or where you are from does not matter, we have a common belief. Creativity is what we all share and it is worth pursuing find a lifetime.

Email: hi@creativityis.me Facebook: creativityis Instagram: creativityis

I want to share especially the brilliant filmmaker Sharon Yeung who is behind the project. Also big kudos to Ron Tan and Dominic Yang of Singing Cicadas.

Launch of the documentary at PMQ, Qube June 24, 2017


原來我 Creativity is中

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