TEDxCUHK "Lost Nor Found"


Lost in translation but driven by passion, finding initiative but deprived of expression, we all have times in our lives where we feel neither lost nor found.

The challenges and opportunities accompanying our milestones can blur our purpose and create a fork in the road. Allowing ourselves to learn from others' journeys and be guided by past experiences can steer us away from distractions and seek for reflection, ultimately helping us make the decision before us until another one arises in our path.

Together, with more in common than what meets the eye, we're here to recognize the dreams turned adventures, the innovations driven by motivation, and everything in between.

Cesar Harada


Cesar Harada is a French-Japanese environmentalist, inventor and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. Director of Scoutbots (LTD in HK), Makerbay (LTD in HK) CEO of Protei (INC C corp in the USA). Cesar has dedicated his life to explore and protect the ocean with open technologies. Protei is a shape-shifting sailing robot, a wind-powered maritime drone that is remotely controlled or automated that will collect ocean data or transport clean-up equipment. Cesar is a Former MIT project leader, TED Senior Fellow, GOOD 100, IBM Figure of Progress, Unreasonable at Sea Fellow, Shuttleworth foundation and Ocean Exchange grantee. Cesar won the Ars Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] with his Master graduation project from the Royal College of Arts, London. Cesar has been teaching Masters in Design & Environment at the Goldsmiths University of London, Versailles architecture School in France and lectured around the world.

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