Chan Chun Lam

Reference Read

1)"How utilities are using AI to adapt to electricity demands" added by Wing Hung Victor Lau

Rating 80/100. This article mentions to usage of AI to cope with the increasing electricity demands in which two companies Innowatts and Autogrid use AI models and statistics calculates the most cost-efficient production method. The article provide some insights on usage of AI.

2)"HK Case: Samsung Energy Management" added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating 85/100. A video that introduce the current energy management by Samsung in Hong Kong, which includes statistics and funny cartoons. It is easy to understand and allow us to have a better understanding on the energy conservation aspect of Hong Kong.

3)"This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts To You" added by Hoi Wei TSANG

Rating 70/100. This article introduces the energy conservation method of using a smart lightbulb that will adjust itself based on current lighting conditions and whether or not people are in the room, which amazed me.

4)"Renewable energy, explained" added by Shen Zuhan

Rating 75/100. This article gives basic concepts on what renewable energy is and describe the existing renewable energy. The video is also very detailed, which helps me to learn more on renewable energy.

5)"Energy technology perspectives 2020" added by Shen Zuhan

Rating 90/100. This report gives different information on the technology used in 2020 to conserve energy. It includes detailed explanations as well as different graphs to illustrate those technologies and models. The ETP-2020 model in the report is astonishing and gives me a new idea on energy technology.

6) “U.S. Department of Energy Announces Establishment of Office of Arctic Energy” added by Zhang Huixi

Rating 90/100. A very interesting video that allow us to reflect on the high price of energy resources and the poor’s plight due to this.

7)"What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels?" added by Yuk Tsan Wong

Rating 80/100. Amazing video providing the damages that fossil fuels had brought to us. Vivid cartoons and wide range of statistics also makes the video educational.

8)"Biofuel" added by Yuk Tsan Wong

Rating 85/100. An article that detailed explained what biofuel is and it’s applications. A good choice to learn more about on biofuel.

9)"Is Nuclear Fusion the Answer To Clean Energy" added by Li Zhuo Kai

Rating 80/100. A great introduction for those who don’t know about the chemistry and history behind nuclear energy. The possibility of using nuclear fusion is also discussed.

10)"What Uses the Most Energy in Your Home?" added by Ng Lok Yiu

Rating 75/100. An article that mostly includes statistics to clearly show the highest energy-usage appliance in your home. It allow us to maintain our energy usage easily.