Foundation - a Web3 Media Art Festival


Videotage is excited to announce the Online Exhibition of “Foundation - a Web3 Media Art Festival”, commencing on from 17 March!

In contemplating the potentials and the caveats of a “decentralized” internet as well as what it means for the art-world, FOUNDATION festival began by exploring contemporary works in the fields of NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, and Extended Realities. As part of FOUNDATION’s threefold programme, our experimental panel in Sept 2022 laid down the varied perspectives from renowned art practitioners, theorists, historians, scientists and technologists, to provoke and propel us into action. We have then paired 3 contemporary media artists with 3 academic laboratories that represent the three pillars of our investigation (Blockchain, AI, & XR), the synergy from which will come to bear fruit at our Showcase.

The online exhibition will show 3 commissioned works along with 12 artworks from international artists. At the opening reception, we are honoured to have a keynote speech by media theorist/artist Dr. Lev Manovich.




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Foundation- a Web3 Media Art Festival

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Opening & Keynote Speech

Keynote speaker: Dr. Lev Manovich

17/3, 3-5 pm HKT


Participating artists:

Artist x Lab

[XR] Chloë Cheuk 卓思穎 + Liu Chang 劉暢 @ Augmented Materiality Lab, CityU

[AI] Liao Jiaming 廖家明 + De Kai @ Human Language Technology Center , HKUST

[Blockchain] Feaston + The Laboratory for Interventions in Speculative Finance, CityU


Carla Chan 卡娜

Doreen Chan 陳泳因

Constant Dullaart

Cesar Jung-Harada, Pamela Pascual, Alvaro Cassinelli, Ni Made Dwidiani

Scott Hessels

Ho Tzu Nyen 何子彥

Hui Wai-Keung 許維強

Elena Knox

Priscilla Koukoui

Lawrence Lek 陸明龍

Lev Manovich

Kanno So & Kato Akihiro & Watanuki Takemi


Curated by: Kyle Chung, Angel Leung, Lisa Park SoYoung