Judge for Global Talent Week 2023, SDG14 life underwater


I was one of 10 global judges to examine and choose the top 10 ocean-focused startups (SDG14) for a 10,000 Euros award. Global Talent Week connects talents with opportunities to accelerate the UNs SDGs.




  1. Live in the future
  2. Momentum over metrics. Numbers numb, horseblind, prevent you to tap in the imagination
  3. Shape Resonance, Think of collaboration

3 years societal shift is possible 12 steps tornado leadership

Peggy Liu

Why working in the ocean industry True space of beauty, exploration, sacred Why is important

Hydrogen and Ammonia

Yngvid Asheim, VW LNG, bring LNG to new countries Ida Christine Brun, Maersk Logistics Bruno, Spain. Mapbox, World Bank data to action

Why choosing the ocean industry? The climate is controlled by the ocean

Key skill? Flexibility. The ocean is powerful. Humility, creativity to adapt

Openess and empathy

======= ==1. Veer == Danielle Southcott, from Monaco Veer Clean containership Wind + green hydrogen fuel cell Design of the vessel: done, approval in principle Ability to fundraise, 6M equity, 6 years 100m steel ship Registered in the Bahamas, clean shipping registry Bahamian Primary fuel is wind. https://veer.voyage/

== 2. Seaweed, Angela Meade, Biome Algae == Methane cattle gas Increase in biodiversity Buying land between Devon and Crowall

== 3. Christina Linke == Clean Ocean Coating 40% increase fuel consumption 140B Euros annually Self eroding coating New coating every 5 year Toxic free hard coating Coated 3 boats Saving 600,000 Euros / year / boat

== 4. Chris Promise Nwachukwu, Circular Blue Economy == 38 coastal nations. Growth and Development Blue Carbon Dioxide 2.5M Jobs Local fisheries, circular economy How will you make money? Aquaculture when oil spills

Who is applying your model? Who is your (potential) clients?

== 5. Exowave, Anna Jakob == Concrete foundation How to you retrieve the energy? How far from shore? What are the species that come to your artificial reefs Monitor negative effects of your solution Environmental Assessment LCA story

== 6. Ocean Ecostructures, Ignasi Ferrer Pellicer == Life boosting Unit Cost reduction ESG Compliance Monitoring How do you attach it your tiles and how do they affect longevity and maintenance of installations? How much energy do you need to produce your tiles? Where are your source materials coming from?

3D printing, Calcium carbonate Electrolitics

== 7. M2D2, Siddhant Shivam == Plastic fragment sensing with optical device 500l filtration per hour.

== 8. Brandon B. Jaunky ==

Anchoves by millions of tons for tilapia 2037 permanent depletion in forage fish, microalgae Synthetic biology metabolites Aquafeed CAGR Canada

Already mix Canola oil adverse effects on fish

Replace VS Adding capacity Volume availability, cost competitivity

How much investment do you need to scale fast enough to be affordable

== 9. Luka Bezić == The future is blue.

== 10. Sinking Kelp, Khory Hancock == Ropes

Pipe 300m under surface Long term carbon permance

What kind of ecosystem and species communities would you sponsor if your solution covered 10% of ocean floor?

Carbon credits 100M cats

Sinking kelp

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