Saad Chinoy


Project: Mud-Microbial fuel cell, andĀ midichlorians.Also perhaps aĀ caffeine making machineĀ and an attempt at Nidhi Mittalā€™sĀ bio-plastic

Bio:Saad is a professional geek with a passion for coffee, technology, and the OpenSource way of doing things.Ā For a living heĀ conceptualizes tech solutionsĀ forĀ Tusitala, theĀ digital publishing arm of Potato Productions. Tusitala means ā€œstory-tellerā€.Ā  Tusitala is on the look out for Asian storiesĀ thatĀ adopt the interactivity of the digital medium to go beyond the page, without trying to replace it.Ā ā€œtrans-media storytellingā€ as the marketese would have it. Saad also volunteers with several non-profits and strongly believes that social enterprises should be the key users of and contributors toĀ OpenSource tech. Enough of that boring day-job stuff.

Saad is aĀ self-confessed maker of sometimes brilliant but mostly useless things and coffee geek. There, thatā€™s better.

Ask me about the network of innovators that Iā€™m now (extremely grateful to be) a part of: TheĀ Global Innovation Gathering


itā€™s alive! microbes producing electricity