MakerBay 4.0 Tsuen Wan [in Progress]


Key Information

Lead Author & Designer: Cesar Jung-Harada

Co-Authors: Abbie Jung-Harada, Carina Wong, Chicky Bhavnani, Cyron Chan, Thomas Williams, Trinity Chan, Anders Larsen, Eliz Yan, Gabriel Lee, Kelvin Lai, Winnie, Rain Lau

Method: Consensus

Aim: Define a clear “plan of attack” for the construction, moving, and establishment of operations of the MakerBay group in the new location.

From: GF, 3F, roof, 23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan. 3,500 ft2 per floor (975 m2, 10’500 ft2)

To: Tsuen Tung Factory Building, Flat C, Floor 7, 38-40 Chai Wan Kok St, Chai Wan Kok, Tsuen Wan (224m2 / 2’414 ft2)

Working document

The source is a collaborative google doc:


  1. 20220701 Signature of the lease
  2. 20220701 Full Design v1 to get estimates
  3. 20220705 First re-design based on feedback
  4. 20220708 Revision based on contractors’ feedback