Making Long-lasting NFTs, with Arweave


I was so excited to buy my first NFT on OpenSea to support a good cause and great artists.

I personally acquired a piece from “Decentralized Value Systems 01 - Chow and Lin” on OpenSea. Quoting the explanation:

The Decentralized Value Systems (DVS) project was started in 2021 by contemporary artist duo Chow and Lin, to question our perception of value in the modern economic construct where prices are an omnipresent determinant of demand and desirability. In a world increasingly edging into virtuality, the purpose of money is redefined and desensitized. Worth has been transformed into derivatives stretching across time, distance and electrical pulses.
In their first series of the DVS NFT project, The artists lay the fundamentals of a tiered structure with individual Mantous appearing in three variations — plain (80 units), silver (5 units), and gold (3 units). Each unit denotes its relative rarity in the natural world. White Mantous in pre-industrial China were considered more expensive due to more processed flour, while silver and gold were found in their near-natural state since millennia ago. All together, 88, an untouchable and palindromic number is offered in its totality.

To be honest, I love the art, but I did not love the OpenSea experience. Quite a barrier of entry I feel for a site that is the largest and supposed to be the easiest to use to buy NFTs.

How can I make sure, I can conserve this artwork forever? And pass the data and the ownership to my grand-kids?

Recently, I found out about Arweave, a blockchain specialized in the permanent archiving of online data. It really matters to me because I want to keep this artwork for a long time. What if OpenSea goes out of business, is hacked, or IPFS no longer serves my image file?

Next, I wanted to know how long I could hold on to my cherished artwork. In the Arweave documentation/projects, I stumbled upon “Check My NFT” that


I wonder if I can transfer my art to the ArWeave for permanent storage... Or at least, keep a copy of the data that points to the OpenSea file?

As a designer/artist/creator, I was curious to test Arweave. They have a nice and simple interface called ArDrive (similar to Google Drive) except it’s incredibly slow and expensive - but hey! they guarantee 200 years of storage of the data with un-censorable access! So maybe not that slow and expensive after all. When you register they give you some free credits to store data forevahhh!


I’m still testing the platform, so far loving it. Here, all the links you want and need:

  1. An introduction to Arweave by CoinBureau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reQxl5Rl4tE
  2. The official website of Arweave where you can create a free account and get some free AR: https://www.arweave.org/
  3. Your Arweave wallet (cannot use Metamask or anything else YET) : https://arweave.app/wallet
  4. The Chrome / Brave browser extension ArConnect: https://www.arconnect.io/
  5. Arweave-based projects: https://viewblock.io/arweave/ecosystem | Gitcoin and its learning academy amazing! https://www.kernel.community/en/learn/
  6. The Price action on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/arweave/usd?chart=7_days#panel
  7. Buy Arweave on Gate.io: https://www.gate.io/marketlist?tab=usdt
  8. The Arweave Block Explorer to check every transactions: https://viewblock.io/arweave/
  9. How much will it cost me to store on ArDrive: https://prices.ardrive.io/
    1. The 22 mb gif NFT I bought would cost
  10. If you still want to use OpenSea AND store the data or Ardrive: here is how you do it!

I have uploaded the Mantou to Arweave and will check tomorrow if it displays correctly:


it cost me 0.22 USD for 32mb.

This is the very first image I upload to Arweave, my own logo



It took over 7 hours for 55kb, but hey, it’s forever now :) It costed me 0.00197966 USD And I am cool with that

Tx is here: https://arweave.app/tx/jmhTAhXCEH9yXuft0KUrhx6SIo4o0LUBpXZ-2n4V5F4


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