"My life On One Page" Personal Development Workshop


When I was 17 years old, something pretty pretty traumatic happened and I had to make some radical changes and choices in my life. I developed a method for looking at matters for me, the good and the bad I did, and moving forward, constructively.

In this exercise that usually lasts about an hour, one can write their whole life, past, present and future, on a single piece of paper.

I repeat this exercise regularly and adjust my, and my family life plans. It really helps me.

For people who are looking to identify their passion, purpose, or simply hesitate between opportunities, I would recommend starting with another method before diving into "my life on one page" and try the "Design my life" exercise, as it will allow you to explore and widen your options before you narrow down with the "My life on one page".

So ideally, i would recommend in this order:

  1. Design your life
  2. My life on one page

Have fun! Let me know how this goes for you :)