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North Point waters lack biodiversity


how can we bring back biodiversity for the waters


we would see how oysters can build habitat in north point we would use oysters which are native from Hong Kong perhaps the ones from Tolo Harbour due to salinity levels and see if any marine life starts to form around them.

Experiment, Measurements, Observation (biology)

we would set up some underwater cameras or we could do regular checkups underwater to see if any biodiversity starts to find homes near the oysters. we will be hoping to see local marine animals such as Hong Kong Moray Eels, Peppermint Sea Star and some other local marine animals. We would also add manually some species which use to live in Victoria Harbour and see if the oysters help the species thrive. We will recored the different species which are present before the oysters are placed and after we will record the new species that weren't present before and establish how much biodiversity the oysters bring in.


We will compare the biodiversity before and after to show how important the oysters are in local habitat building.

Extrapolation and scaling of the solution

We would contact environmental groups to have them add oysters to their areas such as ocean park and some marine sanctuaries.