Research Q? TNC HKU Recruitment of local species


The Hong Kong oyster isn't well studied and lately the oysters have been shrinking perhaps studying the recruitment may help the species


What water condition do the recruitment of local species prefer.


Get the same species of recruitment (Crassostrea hongkongensis) and set up controlled experiments, some recruitment will happen in stagnant water, some in the upweller only, some only in the upweller downweller. or we would study the which temperature, salinity and pH content does the recruitment like most.

Experiment, Measurements, Observation (biology)

For the water conditions experiment we would record which spat grew the best in which condition. For the water content experiment we would record which spat grow the best.

Conclusion (biology)

We could do both experiments and determine which conditions would yield the best Oysters by making a chart of each condition and we will measure the length and width of each oyster so we can conclude the best growing conditions for the Crassostrea hongkongensis.

Extrapolation and scaling of the solution (Costal Engineering)

We would give this information to the local oyster farmers so that they could maximise yield in the coming oyster season