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Is the water clean? Do oysters clean water?

How do pearls come about?

Why are HK oyster bigger? Do they filtrate more water?

How do oyster reproduce? Why do they attach to other oysters? Mating cycle? Environmental conditions?

Do oysters communicate with each other and support other?


How much carbon do oyster sequester?

How is pollution affecting oysters?

How many oyster would we need to clean North Point waters?

Why are oyster in Lau Fau Shan today?

Would North Point-gorown oysters be edible?

How much biodiversity do oysters bring about?

Solar production

Why aren’t there more solar panels in hong kong?

How is the sunlight converted to energy?

How efficient is the energy produced

Hydrogen production

Why is hydrogen the greenest fuel?

How is it produced?

Is at also abundant?

What can it be used for?