“Our Response to Climate Change: Hong Kong 2100” the music video with Jing Wong

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What is the future we want? What do we expect Hong Kong to look like in 2100 - and what do we want to do about it? 108 students from HKU collaborate with Canto pop artist Jing Wong.



I want to believe there's good in the world
I want to see the people still care
I want to know this place is still worth fighting for
I want to feel love in the air
Everything eventually ends
The good the bad the ugly
So when it feels unbearable my friend
Remember you just have to live it through

我們的未來 還有什麼樣的期待
What is there left to look forward to in our future?
Is life just a meaningless competition?
我們的未來 還有什麼樣的期待
What is there left to look forward to in our future?
Let us leave this crazy era
Let us leave this crazy era
Let us leave this crazy era


001 "Ciao" by Caleb_HB.mp4 002 "Renewable Energy in 2100" by Ching Yan CHAN.mp4 003 "Hope" by Nunciata CHAN.mp4 004 "RespiratoryX" by Pak Hei CHAN.mp4 005 "New Generation | 新世代" by Tze Yan CHAN.mov 006 "Diving" by Kwok Hing (Scott) CHAN.mp4 007 "Future Mum" Lei Suen CHAN.mp4 008 "Inter City" Chun Lok (Michael)CHAN.MOV 009 "What?! Roads on Ground???” Chi Yuen (Timothy) CHAN.MOV 010 "Circle of life in HK 2100 我在2100香港生老病死的日子" by Mong Hei (Bernard) CHAN.mp4 011 "Eating vegetables in 2100" by Ming Yan CHAN.mp4 012 "In Love with Nature" by Ying Yee CHAN.mov 013 "Living Undersea" by Eason CHAN.mp4 014 "Will we lose our home?" Weiyi CHEN.mov 015 "Eric’s normal life" by Gelin (Agnes) CHEN.mp4 016 "Flying to the Future | 飛向未來" by Wing Yee (Karina) CHEN.mp4 017 "Changes of A Beauty Blogger in HK 2100" by Shuobing (Rebecca) CHEN.mp4 018 "Future of Coastal Living" by Yat Nam (Jerry) CHENG.mp4 019 "Learning through the hard way - Hong Kong from 2050 to 2100" by Man Hei CHENG.mp4 020 "The Journey of Hong Kong 2100" by Yuk Him (Benji) CHENG.mp4 021 "Green architecture in Hong Kong in 2100" by Cheung Chun (Kelvin) HO .mov .mov 022 "A Trip to Hong Kong 2100" Kam Sum (Kelvin) CHIM.mp4 023 "The Untold Story behind Dnetic - Capitalism vs Labor Union in 2100 HK | Dnetic- 科技食物狂熱的真相與代價" by Tsz Yi (Chloe) CHIN.mov .mov 024 "A gift for the selfless teacher" by Pak Hei Pako CHOW.mp4 025 "Tai O- the floating community" Chi Yeung (Christina) CHUNG.mp4 026 "So Far and Yet So Close" Pui Yin (Ernest) CHAN.mp4 027 "Cheung Chau was once an island? | 長洲曾經係一個島?" Chi Chau Hang (Frankie) CHI.mp4 028 "Find a new home" by Hongjie GAO.mov 029 "A Day in the Life of 2100" by Smaran GOLI.mp4 030 "Pixel HK 2100 — a Possible but Avoidable Future" by Yifu HE.mp4 031 "Time and Hope" by Hin Ting CHAN.mp4 032 "A Surprise Trip" by Yiu Yuen (Arion) HO.mp4 033 "A Story For My Lovely❤️ Wife" by Qian Hua (Megan) HO.mp4 034 "The Future Floating Farms" by Lam Lam HSU.mp4 036 "Future of Hong Kong from the Eyes of the Past" by Ho-Sung KANG.mp4 037 "Changes" Chun Hei KWOK.mp4 038 "The Ocean Is Dead" by Kyoung Min PARK.mp4 039 "Polar Bears in the Future" by Cheuk Hong LAI.mp4 040 "Kelly K’s Robot-Sewn Dress | Kelly K 的私人機械人裁縫" by Ka Yan Jamie LAM.mp4 041 "‘meatlovers’ in 2100😋" by Chit Yuen La Vonn LAM.mp4 042 "the future of economic gap" Inez LAM.mov 043 "A slice of life of a farmer living on the artificial Islands in 2100" by Jiho LAM.mp4 044 "The Life of Bob" Lam Ching.mp4 045 "Homesick Carbon, Homesick Humans" by Ho Wang (Harold) WANG.mp4 046 "Prodigy breakthrough on food allergy" by Cheuk Nam Ethan (Mongoose) LAU.mp4 047 "The Cage" Hung Chiu LI.mp4 048 "How technology matters—Miracles Hong Kong 2100" Xingjian LI.mp4 050 "A secret journey in the Metaverse 👾" by Sze Wan (Miki)LI.mp4 051 "An expensive lesson 2100" by Chun Yin (Ernest) LI.mp4 052 "Let’s Farm - HK2100" Quinn LIAO.mp4 053 "Someday or One Day in 2100. (2100年的一天)" by Katie LIU.mp4 054 "Family on Sea and Land" by Hoi Ching (Daisy) LIU.mp4 055 "The future green Hong Kong" by Cheuk Lam LIU.mp4 056 "Hong Kong2100, An Eco-friendly and culturally inclusive society" by Ka Kiu (Grace) LO.mp4 057 "Evolution of Metaverse and Agriculture" by Wai Chung MAK.mp4 058 "Neo Hong Kong- Out of this Universe" by Rishima MATHUR.mp4 059 "Living on the Waves | 海港之家" by Wai Yin (Gordon) MONG.mp4 060 "Robots’ Time Travelling Adventures in the Architectural World" by Man Wai Monique.mp4 061 "Farm to (T)able- The Story of Annika the Job Candidate in HK2100" by Davina NATALIE.mp4 062 "Language genius (inter-species okay!) youtuber" by Cheuk Yan NG.mp4 063 "Never Too Late ! 行動吧!一切還不晚!" Man Ki (Miki) NG.mp4 064 "A Simple Life in a Simple Future" by Jerry NG.mp4 065 "Future City with Food, Building and Sea" by Wing Tung NG.mp4 066 "Hong Kong in 2100 | failure of machine or humans?" By Cheuk Hin NG.mov 067 "Was Fusion Worth it?" By Sukrit PANDITA.mp4 068 "Reviving the Flooded Property" by Po Lin PENG.mp4 069 "Could we survive through the catastrophe created by humans? 我地可否生存落去?" by Wing Hei (Renee) LAM.mp4 070 "Two different homes for two people" by Siu Chun Tommy SIT.mp4 071 "A Perfect World with Astounding Technology?" By Pui Kong SIU.mp4 072 "Time capsule into HK2100" by Tsoi Yi Kayla SOON.MOV 073 "Cityloop North South Line. Transport of the Future" By Chun Kiu Samuel TAM.mp4 074 "What if we are living under the Victoria Harbour in 2100?" By Yoyo Hoi Tung TANG.mp4 075 "Vege-Might 2100" by Chun Hei TANG.mp4 076 "Ms Shelly’s Teaching about Co-housing" by Nim Yan TONG.mp4 077 "2100- Solar Hong Kong | 2100:陽光香港" by Ka Kuen (Paddy) TSANG.mp4 078 "Why Did Hong Kong Become A Green City?" By Ka Lun TSOI.mp4 079 "Artificial Baby" by Lok Hay Audrey TSUN.mp4 080 "Landing on the Sun 登陸太陽 by Tsz Chung WAN.mov 081 "HK 2100 Energy and Transportation Quiz Competition" by Samhith VAIDYA.mp4 082 "An Apology in 2100 | 二一零零年的道歉" by Chun Tao (Marcus) WAN.mp4 083 "Great Invention in 2100" by Ruirui WANG.MOV 084 "Wedding in 2100” 2100年的婚禮" by Ka Chung Tony WONG.mp4 085 "2100 Metamorphism- Human Transformation X Future Creation" On Ki WONG.mp4 086 "Fly Up High | 一飛衝天" by Cheuk Yi Kimmy WONG.MOV 087 "Real Meat or New Meat?" by Nok (Alison) WONG.mp4 088 "A Day Living Underwater" by Gi Ching WONG.mp4 089 "Rebirth – Message from 2100 Hong Kong" by Audrey WONG.mp4 090 "Welcome to 2100 Hong Kong, 歡迎來到2100年的香港" by Man Chun Jeffrey WU.mp4 091 "Power in the Soy 二一零零年還有豉油嗎" by Wan Sheung WU.mp4 .mp4 092 "Free Housing in Hong Kong 2100" by Aixuan XU.mov 093 "Waving Dress" by Aijing XU.mp4 094 "How will futuristic HK improve a typical local worker’s life?" By Yi Lam YAU.mp4 095 "Hong Kong without Boundaries ♡" by Tsz Ying (Ariana) YAU.mp4 096 "Metaverse Revolution- Fashion Industry" Tingting (Sophie) YE.mp4 097 "The FIRST EVER Green Island serves as the last hope of our future | 全港首個環保島,未來的最後希望" by Ka Ho (Eddie) YEUNG.mp4 098 "Ocean Village- Humans VS AI — Romance or Rivalry? | 海洋村莊- 人類 VS 人工智能 — 相輔還是相害?" By Yi (Yoyo) YEUNG.mp4 099 "The Last Land" by Cheuk Hin YU.mp4 100 "2100- A Day with Heat Crisis" by Sum Yi (Betty) WONG.mp4 101 "Humans and nature have reached a point of harmony" by Yifei EFFIE.mov 102 "Magical Seeds | 魔法種子" by To TUNG.mp4 103 "In A Wonderful World" by To LAM .mp4 104 "Okis Vlog — a day in the life of 2100 HKU undergraduate" by Nie LIQI.mp4 105 "Could Hong Kong Survive From Climate Change" by Kwong Chiu LAM.mp4 106 "Super Skyscraper, The Elysium by Sum Yin HO.mov 107 "Replicant in HK2100- How Can I be With Your Forever" by Yuen Hing HO.mov 108 "Sam’s broadcast- Green City" by Lok Chun CHOW.mp4


A huge thanks to our exceptional guest speakers

  1. Dr Josiah Zayner, The Odin
  2. Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, Tour de Moon
  3. Jolene Lum
  4. Morgane Parisot, Redress
  5. Sebastien Tran Dinh
  6. Sename Koffi Agbodjinou, Raefer Wallis
  7. Uncle Salt, Corrupt the Youth
  8. Innocent Mutanga, Chihiro Shimizu, Africa Center
  9. Manuella Cunha Brito, Climatescape
  10. Kyzzhibek Batyrkanova & Aidana Aidarbekova, Kyrgyz Space Program
  11. Lawrence Lu & Karina Chow of Hong Kong Civic Exchange, see https://www.hk2050isnow.org/

Virtual Exhibition


Link to exhibition for students: https://curios.hku.hk/space/24401

Link to exhibition for guest: https://curios.hku.hk/share/space/24401