"Paper Whale" Animation

"Paper Whale"

Made for the Ocean Youth Program, by MakerBay. Dec 2020 http://makerbay.net/

Filmed by Roberto Pirelli, LUX Production: http://www.robertopirelli.com/ Music "Blue Ocean" by Runar Blesvik: https://www.runarblesvik.com/ Edit and special effects: Cesar Jung-Harada

Making of the whale dolphin and jellyfishes - Ngan Him Man Michael - Wong Tsz Ching Shirley - Sit King Long Eva - Shraavasti Bhat - Luk Chun Ho - Chicky Bhavnani - Kamakshi Bhavnani - Soracha Boehm - Anjali Khemlyani - Rosie Johnson-Hill - Duy Huynh - Cesar Jung-Harada Performance - Arnold Hui - Maria Lok Yee Li - Kitty Lee - Michael O'Brien - Aurianne Riquier - Melody - Harry Kwok - Hody Lee - Johnathan - Chi Ip - Cesar Jung-Harada

Original Footage



Making of the whale

From the same Hong Kong Ocean Youth Program

Making of the Jellyfishes