QR code Business Card for iPhones and Android devices free and fast

Create a QR business card that works for iPhones and Android devices for free, fast, and that you can update in the future.

  1. Generate that sweet QR Code with all your details: https://www.qrstuff.com/type/contact-detail
  2. Optional: add your details as text under the QR code: https://www.photopea.com
  3. I then printed black and white on my little home printer, cut, and degrease my phone with an alcoholic pad and stuck clear packing tape on the back of my phone. When I meet someone, I strip the case open and show my code on the back of my phone. In Singapore you can use your phone to receive PayNOW wires - sweet.

You're welcome!


Stick that QR code to the back of your phone


People can scan it and boom, they have your details, only need to click “save”

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