RCA Design Interactions alumni list



Design Interactions alumni list

Not a publication in the classic sense, but I was lacking a better place.

The Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art led by Anthony Dunne accepted students from 2006 to 2014, leading to some 150 M.A. graduations.

The tutors and students of this department have been influential in coining the design world’s understanding of Critical Design, Speculative Design and Design Fiction in these years and still continue to set impulses. The approach of the course was different in the sense that it was not so much geared towards normative impact and persuasion of the public but instead showed a high interest in more subtle and multi-perspective forms of empathy for other forms of society, technology and ethics.

Since the original RCA Design Interaction website was shut down a while ago I found it’s worth setting up a list to collect the names and websites of the alumni as a hub for historical research or simply to catch up on what these people have been up to in the meanwhile.

This list comes without any guarantee. If you spot something incorrect/missing or want to be removed from the list please drop me a line.

Graduation websites








MPhil & PhD Candidates

Austin Houldsworth / http://www.austinhouldsworth.co.uk

Daisy Ginsberg / http://www.daisyginsberg.com/

James Auger / http://www.auger-loizeau.com/

Björn Franke / http://www.bjornfranke.com/

Julijonas Urbonas / http://julijonasurbonas.lt/

Helga Schmid / http://helgaschmid.com/

Louis Buckley

Matthieu Cherubini / http://mchrbn.net/

Federico Campagna / https://www.federicocampagna.eu


Alex Bygrave / http://www.alexbygrave.co.uk/

Calum Bowden / http://calsbo.com/

Christopher Lutterodt – Quarcoo / https://www.unmaterialised.com

Deborah Tchoudjinoff / http://deboraht-ff.com

Hiroki Yokoyama / http://hirokiyokoyama.com

Jelena Viskovic / http://viskovic-pall.com

Jinhee Park / http://www.ssdarchitecture.com/about

Kim-Leigh Pontin / http://design-inklings.tumblr.com

Luke Sturgeon / http://www.lukesturgeon.co.uk

Martha McGuinn / http://marthamcguinn.com

Celine Min Kyung Park / http://www.celinepark.co.uk

Peter Hudson / peterdavidhudson.com

Riccardo Lardi / http://riccardolardi.com

Ted Hunt / http://ted-hunt.com

Thomas Grogan / http://thomas-grogan.com/


Anna-Luise Lorenz / http://annaluiselorenz.com/

Debbie Ding / http://dbbd.sg/

Ekaterina Demina / http://www.ekaterinademina.com/

Frank Kolkman / https://www.frankkolkman.nl/

Ira Pappa / http://cargocollective.com/irapappa

James Sunderland / http://www.jamessunderland.net/

Naama Schendar / http://www.naamaschendar.com/

Nestor Azevedo Pestana / http://nestorpestana.co.uk

Paul Gong / http://www.paulgong.co.uk/

Rachel Knoll / http://rachelknoll.com/

Rodrigo Lebrun / http://lbrn.org/

Sam Conran / http://samconran.com/

Tim Clark / http://tlclark.com/

Yi-Wen Tseng / http://yiwentseng.com/

Yiyun Chen / http://yiyun-chen.com/


Amina Abbas-Nazari / http://www.aminanazari.com/

Mohammed Ali

Stephanie Bickford-Smith / http://www.stephaniebickfordsmith.co.uk/

Kathryn Fleming / http://www.modernnaturalism.com/

Lukas Franciszkiewicz / http://frnkwz.de/

Marcel Helmer / http://www.marcelhelmer.de/

Zoe Hough / http://zoehough.co.uk/

Jennifer Morone / http://jenniferlynmorone.com/

Henrik Nieratschker / http://henriknieratschker.de/about.html

Adam Peacock / http://adampeacock.co.uk/

Alexa Pollmann / http://peut-porter.com/

Channing Ritter / http://www.channingritter.com/

Promila Roychoudhury / http://promila.net/

Johanna Schmeer / http://johannaschmeer.com/

Daniel Tauber / http://danieltauber.com/

Sures Kumar / http://sureskumar.com/

Anastasia Vikhornova / http://vikhornova.com/


Yosuke Ushigome / https://www.yosukeushigo.me/

Soomi Park / http://soomipark.com

Nathan Burr / http://www.nathanburr.com/

Dimitri Constantinides / http://www.bornanidea.com/

Agatha Haines / https://www.agihaines.com/

Aloïs Bordenave / http://www.aloisyang.com/

Benedikt Groß / http://benedikt-gross.de

Lingxizhu Meng / http://cargocollective.com/lingxizhumeng

Clemens Winkler / http://clemenswinkler.com/

Julika Welge / http://www.julikawelge.de/

Kristina Cranfield / http://www.kristinacranfeld.co.uk/

Mathias Vef / http://mathiasvef.com/

Michail Vanis / http://mikevanis.com/

Nicholas Mortimer / http://nicholasmortimer.net/

Carlos Monleon-Gendall / http://peut-porter.com/

Minsu Kim / http://minsukim.net/

Owen Wells / http://owenwells.co.uk/

Philipp Ronnenberg / http://ronnenberg.io/


Koby Barhad / http://www.kobybarhad.com/

Joseph Popper / http://www.josephpopper.net/

Diego Trujillo / http://trujillodiego.com

Neil Usher / http://www.neilusher.co.uk/

Stefan Schwabe / http://stschwabe.com/

Jaemin Paik / http://www.jaeminpaik.com/

Jae Yeop Kim / http://www.jaeyeopkim.com/

Mark McKeague / https://markmckeague.com/

Tom Lynch / http://tomlynch.co.uk

Shing Tat Chung / http://shingtatchung.com/

Tim Sargent / http://www.timsargent.co.uk/

Raphael Kim / https://biohackanddesign.com/

David Chatting / http://davidchatting.com/

Pei Ying Lin / http://peiyinglin.net/

Tobias Revell / http://www.tobiasrevell.com/

Ai Hasegawa / http://aihasegawa.info/


Ka Fai Choy / http://www.ka5.info/

Steffen Fiedler / http://www.steffenfiedler.com/ / http://www.nand.io/

Jonas Loh / http://www.herrloh.de/ / http://www.nand.io/

Daniel Foster-Smith / http://danfs.co.uk/

Ilona Gaynor / http://ilonagaynor.co.uk

Kevin Grennan / http://www.kevingrennan.com/

Emily Hayes / http://www.emilyhayes.co.uk/

Marguerite Humeau / https://www.instagram.com/marguerite_humeau/

Charlotte Jarvis / http://www.artforeating.co.uk/restaurant/

Gerrit Kaiser / http://gerritkaiser.de/

Lisa Ma / http://www.lisama.co.uk/

Milan Metthey / http://www.milanmetthey.com/

Elliott P. Montgomery / http://www.epmid.com/

J. Paul Neeley / https://www.jpaulneeley.com/

Benjamin Oliver / http://www.beoliver.com/

Veronica Ranner / https://www.veronicaranner.com/

Ludwig Zeller / http://www.ludwigzeller.de/


David Benqué / www.davidbenque.com

James Chambers / https://jameschambers.co

Ben Faga / www.benfaga.com

Helge Fischer / https://www.d-labs.com/

Andrew Friend / http://www.andrewfriend.co.uk/

James Gilpin / http://jamesgilpin.com/

Oliver Goodhall / http://www.wemadethat.co.uk/

Louise O’Connor

Hiromi Ozaki / http://sputniko.com/

Sitraka Rakotoniaina / http://sitraka.co.uk/

Gerard Ralló / http://www.gerardrallo.net

Alison Thomson  / https://twitter.com/somehow_related

Harry Vermeulen / http://harryvermeulen.com/

Kjen Wilkens


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg / https://www.daisyginsberg.com

Austin Houldsworth / http://www.austinhouldsworth.co.uk

Bernd Hopfengärtner / http://www.berndhopfengaertner.net

Cat Kramer / http://callmecat.com

Cesar Harada / https://cesarjungharada.com

Dot Samsen / http://www.dotmancando.info

Gunnar Green / http://thegreeneyl.com

Hayeon Yoo

Nelly Ben Hayoun / http://nellyben.com

Nicolas Myers / https://twitter.com/studiomyers

Sascha Pohflepp / http://pohflepp.net

Thomas Thwaites / www.thomasthwaites.com

Tommaso Lanza / https://tommasolanza.com

Vanessa Harden / https://vanessaharden.com

Will Carey / http://www.willcarey.net

Zoe Papadopoulou / http://www.zoeworks.co.uk


more to come


more to come


John Arden / http://superflux.in

James King / https://twitter.com/jamesking

more to come


James Auger / http://www.auger-loizeau.com

Anthony Dunne / http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk

David Muth / http://www.davidmuth.net

Nina Pope / https://www.somewhere.org.uk

Fiona Raby / http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk

Noam Toran / http://www.noamtoran.com

Brendan Walker / http://aerial.fm