Recap HK Historical Monuments

Hello! So, Jason Hilgefort brought to my attention that the HKSAR government is going has released a number of historic buildings - that will come with somewhat similar conditions as the "Vacant Land" program (3 years renewable free lease, budget to repair the basics).


Original Article

What kind of buildings? Grading.

1,444 Building open to proposal from Social Entreprises and NGOs


Some new additional listing are super impressive


Map of all the sites with full documentation. Some sites in Tsuen Wan. Many all around HK

Search engine of all historic sites

How NGOs, Social Entreprise, and companies can apply

"To adopt creative approaches in preserving historic buildings and expanding their usage, with a view to transforming these buildings into unique cultural landmarks. The modus operandi of social enterprise under commercial management will be adopted to achieve a win-win situation. The Government provides financial support as appropriate to render the scheme practicably feasible.


One similar project to what I imagine a MakerBay Historic Site could be, is Oi! (on Oil Street):

They basically get the historical building for free, and make a contract to offer cultural programs for several years. I think they have to renew their contracts with the government by proving they are delivering on their promise. When I fist came to Hong Kong, I was invited by Videotage, a local underground video and digital art non-profit hosted at Oi!

I know we have a lot on our plate. After moving, I am happy to examine the possible sites, and make a proposal. I expect the way it would work to be similar to the "Vacant site" in Ma Wan: Slow bureaucratic process. But if we get a beautiful historic site for free.. I mean, it would totally change our lives!

If it is similar to Ma Wan "Vacant site" I imagine it would take

  1. 3 months to get qualified as NGO
  2. 3 months to apply with a proposal with quotes from different suppliers
  3. 6 months for them to review
  4. 12 months for the government to get all the permissions and get the construction site going
  5. 12 months of actual construction

So that's essentially a 3 years process before we could move in - in the best case.

But it might be worth it!

Let me know your thoughts Cesar