Social Architecture


Today, conventional architecture constrains social life and reinforce power structures.

Today, social networks expand our social lives and nourish global consciousness.

What if we could build a living architecture from our social network? An architecture that supports our complex social lifes and supports the growth of global consciousness?

It started as a thought experiment, that I quickly turned into a physical experiment, with space, people, ropes, and a series of social experimentations of built environments. I ran the first experiment in a public park across my University in London, than in France, Spain, USA, Canada, Hong Kong… Every place, every group of people grows a different network and architecture. The network tells us about the group and the individuals, how a network expands or contract, lives a healthy or unhealthy phase. I am interested in growing resilient communities, offline and online. And perhaps new construction technologies.

I called this experiment serie “social architecture”, a portmanteau word for “social network + architecture”.



Slides for Proposal to Perform in Canada