Ashden Award


What are the Ashden Awards?

The Ashden Awards accelerate climate innovation, helping businesses, charities, governments and others power up their impact in the UK and low-income nations. We back organisations that advance social justice while lowering emissions.

Winners and finalists¬†enjoy¬†grants, publicity¬†and¬†priceless new connections¬†‚Äď as well¬†as¬†endorsement¬†from globally-recognised climate experts.

This year‚Äôs¬†Ashden Awards will¬†boost¬†climate¬†innovators¬†transforming the world of work¬†‚Ästthose delivering¬†roles and¬†skills for the¬†UK‚Äôs low-carbon transition¬†and¬†the spread of clean energy around the world,¬†or¬†making¬†every job a¬†green job.