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The E&T Innovation Awards have been re-shaped in recent years.

Previously celebrating the very best new innovations across the breadth of science, engineering and technology, it became obvious that even this worthy exercise was under-selling the pivotal role that our sector plays in the future of mankind.

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Planet Earth is facing many challenges as our growing population requires more food and energy, and is constantly using more resources. Something must change. Ultimately, it will be engineers and scientists who solve the problems and pave the way for future generations.

When the IET reached its 150-year anniversary in 2021, it seemed an appropriate time to draw a line in the sand and identify what we called the seven Critical Targets. These broadly cover sustainability, alternative energy sources, diversity, trust and truth, inspiration, future mobility and global family. IET President at the time Professor Danielle George, who acknowledged the role of engineering and technology sectors in providing the majority of the world with shelter, health, education, entertainment, communications and more. “As remarkable as all of our achievements are,” says George, “there are a great many more challenges ahead of us, and I think these seven targets really encapsulate all of those.”

These seven Critical targets have now been embedded in the E&T Innovation Awards. Many of our categories reflect the societal impact that engineers can make, and our hope is that these Awards will identify and promote the innovators who stand at the doorway of positive change.

Not every innovation needs to change the world of course. The E&T Innovation Awards give global recognition to those who are creating solutions which are delivering a return and that could be in sentiment, sales, engagement or behaviour.

If you are working on cutting edge innovations or initiatives which have the potential to make dramatic improvements to modern society then you’ve come to the right place.

If you become a finalist, we will be promoting to 168,000 engineering and technology professionals through a wide variety of media from magazines and online communities, to webinars and email newsletters.

Previously known as the IET Innovation Awards, in 2020 we rebranded the Awards as the E&T Innovation Awards.

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