Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept invites designers, design studios, companies and universities to challenge the status quo and present their most exciting design concepts and prototypes to an international panel of design experts. In addition, "ready to launch" products that are ready but not yet available for sale in the market before 2nd June 2022 are also eligible to participate.


Sustainable design, recycle, reuse, waste reduction, reforestation, long life products, environment protection and preservation, reduce or reverse global warming, desalination, devices with zero or minimum carbon footprint, sustainable food source, clean water provision, water saving devices, low energy buildings and infrastructure, climate change, clean water technology, waste disposal, sanitation, others


Fees and Award: 3%2C950 euros*-,Winner Package for the Red Dot distinction from 3%2C950 euros,products that are excellently designed.