Aahlund Olivia Matilda Ophelia
Aahlund Olivia Matilda Ophelia

Aahlund Olivia Matilda Ophelia

References Read

“Importance of good nutrition and its impacts” added by Edward Ye

Rating: 70/100. Clear presentation of lifelong effects of early nutritional choices, although more info on how healthy eating habits can be established would be useful.

“Hong Kong’s mental suffering fuelled by sport and exercise restrictions in fight against Covid-19” added by Hang Nam Wong

Rating: 90/100. Interesting; it raised the dilemma of addressing one health problem at the expense of another, and made me question who gets to set these priorities.

“Social Media to Promote Health” added by Hoi Tung LEUNG.

Rating: 90/100. Suggested positive uses of social media which is commonly linked to negative impacts on health; tips on how to minimise negative influences when encouraging youth to utilise social media would be a useful addition.

“What is Organic Food, and is it Better Than Non-Organic?” Added by Jingran Cui.

Rating: 80/100. Strong presentation of uncertainty regarding health benefits of organic food; encourages critical evaluation of related health claims; opens up for discussion on how safeguarding both health and planet can be balanced.

“Food Addiction” added by Ching CHAN.

Rating: 70/100. Great source of info on the topic; highlighted effects of physical health problems on social and work life; identified sources of difficulty in addressing food addiction (ideally, there would have been more info on this, but the lack of this suggests an area of research that deserves more attention)