Chan Chun Lam

Reference read:

  1. Food waste recycling in Hong Kong

80/100 The passage showed the current ways of food recycling in Hong Kong and the government's, as well as NGOs', effort on trying to further increase the amount of food recycled. Thinking about how to tackle the problems arose from the food recycling process and/or refining the current schemes of food recycling might be a direction of study in our project.

90/100 This news report talked about the problem food waste recycling in Hong kong. For example, there is an insufficient number of machines for decomposing food waste, thus even if a large amount of food waste are transported to be recycled daily, most of them can only be thrown away and causing no difference with just throwing them in the first place.

95/100 this report shows the statistics that we need for analysing the problem of eating habits of Hong Kong people. With the statistics, we can more accurately find out the problems that Hong Kong people have and thus try to find a solution to them through this project.

80/100 Takeout waste is a huge problem besides excess food waste and it should be examined closely to find a way to solve or at least alleviate it. This passage suggested a few ways which we could do so.

90/100 Traditional food is an important but fading cultural heritage in Hong Kong. As modern people now considers health as an important factor when choosing food, promoting traditional food as healthy diet option might help bring traditional food back into the eyes of people and stop it from being marginalised by fast food and industrial food.

90/100 understanding the causes of food insecurity can help us find a better solution to it. Also, this passage showed us why food insecurity is equally serious a problem asa food wastage, we should consider it as a topic for our project.

90/100 The prevalence of fast food culture enables people to have their meals faster, and thus is able to accomodate to the fast-paced living of people nowadays. However, it also marginalizes local restaurants and local traditional food.

95/100 The passage provided insightful solutions to the problem of food waste in Hong Kong. The explanations of the main cause of food waste may also help us find a solution that is directed at the root of the problem.

80/100 Shared kitchen might be an possible way to solve the problems of food wastage due to cooking to much, but the effectiveness is still subject to study later.

80/100 The way these delivery companies join force to tackle excess packaging and waste problem provides some insights as to how we can modify their solution to tackle these problem if we want to solve these problems.