Cheang King Hang

References Read:

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  2. Rating: 90/100 This article really helps us identify the many causes and trends of depression in a short and concise manner. Along with many useful ways that help us cope with it.

  3. 9 Ways Your Emotions Influence Your Judgments added by Ching Chan
  4. Rating: 80/100 This article helps us be more aware of how emotions affect us, and can help us make better decisions in the future.

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  10. Rating: 90/100 This video illustrates a first hand experience mental health culture in a school setting, and we can relate and learn a lot from this.

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  12. Rating 90/100 Social media is an area many people express their inner thoughts, and can also be seen as a way in identifying mental health problems and behaviours

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  14. Rating 85/100 OCD is a term very commonly overused and misused, this video sheds light on what OCD truly is diagnostically in detail

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  20. Rating 80/100 This research paper goes into detail on how mental health is strongly linked with physical health and the importance of maintaining well-being in both.