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"As a disabled Asian woman, I’ve had to fight for my independence" added by Ching Yeung


Summary: families’ overprotection sometimes hinders the children personal development, which is more common in Hong Kong society as there are many helicopter parents. It is glad to see that Iqbal was fighting for his independence while she is disabled.


“Sustainable technology required to address gender inequality at workplace, say experts” added by Kay Chung


Summary:In order to prevent gender inequality being reinforced in technology industries and shape the future of manufacturing in a inclusive way, it is important to empower women to play a significant role in the success and direction of the company. Positively speaking, people are making progress in terms of gender equality regarding the increased percentage women took in workforce.


Tackling the Underrepresentation of Women in Media” added by Ching Yeung


Summary:gender-imbalanced picture of society can reinforce and perpetuate harmful gender stereotype via media. It is high time that that the media must change how it reflects the world. This problem that, people standing up for gender equity actually do nothing for little possibility to the goal, is all too common in organizations. It is also the difference between bystanders and confronters.


“Hong Kong’s transgender community faces workplace discrimination, leading LGBT campaigner to launch company guidance scheme” added by Chun Fai Ho


Transgender community often encounter and be offended by others’ so-called funny jokes at workplace, which stems from a lack of understanding of how to dean with transgender employees. Hence the released company guidance scheme is to provide advice to business and train the participants to avoid potentially discriminatory situations.


“What media teach kids about gender can have lasting effects, report says”  added by Ching Yeung


Summary:gender stereotypes in movies and on TV shows are more than persistent; they're incredibly effective at teaching kids what the culture expects of boys and girls. For young audiences who absorb ideas from the media on how to behave and what to become, these masculine or feminine characterisations determined by their gender can lead to false assumptions and harmful conclusions.


“Science is everybody's party: 6 ways to support diversity and inclusion in STEM” added by Hussain Ho Yin MOCK


Summary:The analogy is vivid as the whole society is like a party and the marginalized scientists are party-goers. As it is one of the most dismissed group, even I would not pay attention to them when it comes to marginal groups before reading this reference. The external supports like senior guidance, financial assistance and more values and respects towards the marginalized scientists are crucial to help them include in the science community.


“Gender stereotyping can be reduced at a young age with proper intervention” added by Ching Yeung


Summary:The survey results showed that discrimination against gender nonconformity may have an early origin and intervention influenced the children to be more positive towards their gender nonconforming peers. In our society, people treat others by their gender. Take teachers tell boys and girls to line up separately by their gender. However, we could see the hope of a more tolerant future generation via the success of intervention.


“Hong Kong women face gender discrimination in the workplace and great expectations at home” added by Asiya Yu


Summary:women’s career ambitions are consistently undervalued when compared to men’s. Instead, their successes are measured by their physical appeal and how well they marry. In the circumstance that women are expected to bear a large share of housework and childcare, it is needed to give women freedom to choose their own path.


“Misogyny and sexist violence is the result of male entitlement.” Added by Ching Yeung


Summary:it is incredible that Vanett, the victim girl’s boyfriend and the police, simply felt that having sex with a woman while she slept was not a crime. In this case, entitlement can lead to violence. while too much entitlement is bad, a lack of entitlement can almost be worse.


“Gender Roles and Stereotypes” added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan


Summary: it illustrates the gender stereotype clearly and precisely using some typical examples from perspective of male and female. Luckily, we gradually become out of the old norm of society and do what we want to do.