Cheng Tsz Chun

References Read:

  1. Why Does Biodiversity Matter To Me? by Shan Zixuan (Rating: 85/100)

The video is intriguing, funny as the main idea is presented by animations, which is showing the connection between biodiversity and human.

2. How food banks work? by Chun Lam Chan (Rating: 80/100)

This is not a long article and explained briefly about a food bank, which is easy to read and gave me basic understanding of a food bank.

3. No Entry!? Feral “Invasion” of the City by Chieh-Mi Lin (Rating: 85/100)

I feel sad to know that animals coming to urban area have a high risk to be killed. We are living together and we have to protect them.

4. 6 Ways to Instantly SAVE MONEY on Utility Bills by Yi Tung Yao (Rating: 90/100)

It introduced some easy ways in our daily life that can save our money. Some of the ideas are creative that I never be aware to it.

5. Why we're storing billions of seeds by Tingting Ye (Rating: 90/100)

I think this clip is important as it reminds us that there are a lot of things human do are depending on plants so we have to protect them.

6. What Happens After An Oil Spill? By Ho Kit Fung (Rating: 90/100)

The video present data about how oil spill will damage the earth and biodiversity. I like the approach of using cartoon to present the ideas.

7. Ten of Hong Kong’s most endangered species By Zihang Qu (Rating: 90/100)

This news introduced 10 endangered species in Hong Kong. Some of them may be found in Lung Fu Shan so we can pay extra attention on them.

8. 15 Ways We Can Conserve Biodiversity Today By Zihang Qu (Rating: 90/100)

As one of the goal of our project is to promote the biodiversity in Hong Kong, we can provide some tips to our audiences from this article.

9. Does overfishing promote algal blooms? By Stella Gong (Rating: 80/100)

This report shows the relationship between algae boom and over-fishing in a clear manner. The only downside about the article is the length is a bit long.

10. Introduction of LFS Country Park By Sin Ying Tang (Rating: 80/100)

This website shows clearly about the observation spots in the country park. It gives people a brief summary of what they can see in the park.