Cheung Yau Shing Jonathan

Reference Read

1) Food Wise Hong Kong: 85/100

It first provided statistics on the current food waste situation, then highlighted the 8 objectives of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign.

2) 30 fun ways to get 30 minutes of physical activity today 90/100

By Hoi tung Leung

Compared physical activity between a child and an adult. Talked about the recommended time spent on it. Suggested 30 fun exercises.

3) Schneider Electric Commercial 88/100

By Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Elaborated on why the 2 technologies by Schneider Electric can save energy for small and large buildings. The reason and detail of it.

4) Break the Silence: report on sexual harassment 90/100

By Cheuk Lam Cherry But

Mentioned how data is collected. Highlighted sexual harassment at different occasions and the impact of it. Provided suggestion on how to tackle it.

5) Insomnia 85/100

By Lee,Julie (DaEun)

Elaborated on the symptoms of Insomnia, key casues, relation between it and age, the impact of it and solutions to the problem.