Chiang Yin Ping

References Read:

"'Shall We Talk' Campaign" added by Sam Ching Janice Fong Rating: 85/100, The detailed explanation of the campaign carried out by the hong kong government to deal with the worsening mental health issue in hong kong during the corona period allows me to understand the government's stands when facing mental health issues.

"Self Care advises" added by Sam Ching Janice Fong Rating: 90/100, The sharing of the importance of self-caring in maintaining good mental health states encouraged people to follow its suggestions to attain self-care in order to lower the risk of suffering from mental illness.

"Insomnia - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology" added by Lee, Julie (DaEun) Rating: 90/100, The video offered a clear explanation about insomnia which enhanced my understanding of it. The cartoons also makes the video more interesting.

"Most common mental illness among university students." added by Lee, Julie (DaEun) Rating: 90/100, The article pointed out five of the most common mental health issues that many university students have and explained each of them. This allows people to have basic understandings of what mental illnesses are and their symptoms which helps with people's recognition when they suffered in mental disorders.

"Eating Attitude Test" added by Zulfqar Lareb Bibi Rating: 80/100, A questionnaire that allows people to know whether they have an eating disorder that caused by mental illness or not. This helps with people's self-discovery of their mental healthiness. "The Future is Mental Illness" added by Helen Cheung Hoi Ling Rating: 85/100, An article that warns the world how depression is likely to get worse in the future and expert's suggestions on possible solutions as well as interpretations on such an issue. "PTSD 101 pt.1 - Different types of PTSD" added by Angelique Nicole Rating: 85/100, The video used some life examples and symbolic drawings to explain what PTSD is. This helps to enrich my understanding of PTSD and the right way to deal with it. "Overcoming Social Anxiety" added by Henry Chu Rating: 80/100, Sharing from people who suffered from mental illnesses and recovered shows people how legit mental health issues are and suggested what is the right way to overcome the downs. "Pet therapy dog brings comfort to Rainbow patients" added by Hang Nam Wong Nicole Rating 90/100, The article offered an unique way to help patients of mental disorders to get through the dark times by emotionally attached to a therapy dog. This could probably help those who think open up to others is hard to get a way to express their thoughts.

"7 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication" added by Ngan Yun Ki Rating: 80/100, This articles suggested ways for patients with light mental illness to recover without the use of medicine. This could be a good option for people with certain pills allergy and to prevent them from overrelying on medicine.