Chung Shing Hin

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"Thailand’s plastic waste surges as coronavirus lockdown increases demand for food delivery" shared by Yearim Kim

Rating: 90/100 The surging uses in one-time disposable items such as face masks and food packaging material are truly the #1 emerging waste problem faced by Earth during the pandemic.

"Second Hand & Swap Market" shared by Wong Nicole

Rating: 90/100 The previously hosted barter event hosted at HKU gives a fabulous example of what we could achieve in our barter related project.

"Drivers and motivations for second-hand shopping" shared by Hsi-Yun Chang

Rating 95/100 Bargain economy isn't exactly inferior to regular shopping. The research discovers various psychological reasons why people buy second-hand stuff.

"New #Trashtag Challenge is Using Social Media To Clean The World" shared by Yearim Kim

Rating 80/100 Besides economic factor, social media is a powerful tool to bring pull factors to promoting reuse.

"By 2020, the region’s landfill sites will be full to bursting with rubbish. What can be done?" shared by Song Jie Guo

Rating 80/100 The article points out Hong Kong has an unsustainable urbanisation with various data and facts supporting the claim.