Chung Yiu Yeung

References read

'The psychology behind why people don't recycle' added by Gayoung Kim

Rating: 90/100. This article helps reader to understand the concerns of different people on recycling. It also provides the solutions to these problems.

'Mental health in Hong Kong' added by Khushee Ramesh Soni

Rating: 90/100. This page shows statistics about mental health problems in Hong Kong, letting the readers understand the reason behind mental health issues that happens in Hong Kong.

'Survey on Hong Kong people's eating habit' added by Jim Hung

Rating: 80/100. This report shows Hong Kong people's eating habit. They are not really aware of the calories in the food. With the statistics provided, the awareness on food information can be raised.

'6 Ways to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle' added by Yoonseo Choi

Rating: 100/100. This blog gives creative and useful tip on for to reduce, reuse or recycle. It gives an insight to readers about being environmentally friendly is easier than they think.

'Adolescent mental health' added by Bowen Pang

Rating: 90/100. This survey is made by WHO on the mental health of adolescents. It shows that mental health problem has become a much more serious problem than physical health problem nowadays.

'6 Reasons Why People Self-Injure' added by Chit Cheung

Rating: 80/100 This is a page that explains the reasons behind people who self injure and the consequences of these behaviors.

'Grand Challenges Sustainable Food Processing' added by Jingran Cui

Rating: 80/100 It's a nice article that shows the challenges on food safety and waste problems. It also provides the ways to tackle these problems along with lots of ideas and new technologies.

'How to beat gender stereotypes: learn, speak up and react' added by Pei Cheng Thong

Rating: 90/100 This article helps readers to understand more about stereotypes. People are not willing to speak out for themselves when getting stereotyped and this article give advices to them.

'Beyond recycling: Putting the brakes on fast fashion' added by Jirawong Wu

Rating: 80/100 This article shows how the large companies help recycling to work with sustainable fashion, such as through a partnership with recycling company.

'Smart Tips for Energy Efficiency' added by Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK

Rating 90/100 The article gives readers lots of small tips about how to save energy by saving light at home like using LED light bulbs and other equipments.