Cui Jingran

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"Sustainable food systems" added by

Rating:90/100 The publication give me a general view of a food system, and I lve the idea that a sustainable food system should be sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. I also learned some reasons and chances behind the development of it. And it's interesting to know how a food system performs and how do we make it sustainable.

"Food Choices Are a Key Strategy for Sustainable Tourism" added by Gaur Asatha Anurag

Rating: 80/100 It's my first time to know food related to tourism industry also impact the sustainablity. However, I find the solutions are still the same—choose food that is produced with less energy and pollution. Besides, I learned some benefits of hydroponic food compared with traditional ones.

"College students struggle with eating healthy" added by Kho Patric Thomas

Rating:70/100 The article shows the students' misunderstanding of eating healthy, and we should notice their lack of knowledge so that we can think about measures to solve this problem and take action. However, in this article we can only see the situation in one university and we need more researches.


Rating:75/100 It's an interesting finding and may contribute to renewable energy. I consider this article broadened my horizen but it's a very specific knowledge it may not so useful for us.

"Reducing Food Waste Benefits the Environment and Economy" added by Kang Junwoo

Rating:80/100 I consider the finding is a commen sense, but with the visiable figures in reports, the finding will undoubtedly motivate us to reduce food waste. And I think that's the value of these researches and reports.

"From Farm to Table to Landfills? Seeking Solutions to China’s Food Waste Dilemma" added by Choi Ki Lung

Rating:85/100 The article talks about the current situation of overfull food waste in China, its harmful effects and the efforts the government are taking. To reduce this challenge, the author give an example how America deal with it and provide some suggestions towards this problem.

"Food wasted in China could feed 30-50 million" added by Choi Ki Lung

Rating:80/100 The report gives us a clear image of food wasting problem in China, including the situation now, the efforts we had taken and we're taking, and corcens and supports from outside . With lots of figures mentioned, we could see how serious the problem is and the benefit human will win after solving it, and thus encourage every people to take little efforts to solve the problem.

"A systematic review of interventions to increase awareness of mental health and well-being in athletes, coaches and officials" added by Wang Yue

Rating: 75/100 It's a professional article reviewing an experiment. The article is undoubtly a reliable source and worth refering to, but for me it's not easy to understand and maybe too professional for us.

"The Science Behind Composting" added by Lee Sze Choi

Rating: 85/100 The article talks about composting, including how it works, what to compost and the benefits of it. It introduces me lots of knowledges and I understand that coposting an contribute to sustainablity. Nice knowledge.

"Monster avocados and bread beer: 12 technologies fighting food waste" added by Liz Goodwin

Rating: 75/100 It's an article about technologies to reduce food waste, some intend to upcycling surplus food into new products, some to optimized foods, some to preventing food loss at the farm, and there are also thing about refrigerator technology to keep food fresh.