Ella Cornelia Forsberg



I'm a Y4 architecture student and part time climate activist, and I'm very excited about finding green and fair solutions for people and our habitats. In the past I've been working as a research assistant mainly within architectural history, and I've led and taken part in social work projects within Rotaract, Lap-Chee Goes Green, Bridge to China, Extinction Rebellion and others.

Growing up in a small town in Norway I always had a close relationship to the forest and the sea. However, it was the experience of having to burn my own plastic waste due to the lack of recycling facilities in a rural village in China, that made me realize the huge inequalities and pollution created by our “modern lifestyle”.

Now I’m trying to live zero-waste and vegetarian, and I am trying to gear my work towards spreading awareness for our shared environment. I believe that we have to sacrifice some comfort to survive the climate crisis, but that living more respectfully and closely with nature can also bring us a lot more joy and fulfilment!

References read

"Doughnut Economics" added by Cesar Jung-Harada

Rating: 90/100. The book presents a whole new framework for planning economies, centered on human rights and the environment, criticizes capitalism but also gives viable alternatives.